The CSC is appointed by and reports to the Provost. The CSC membership includes the Associate Provost, the Registrar, the Associate/Divisional Dean for Student Affairs from each of the undergraduate colleges/schools, and faculty and staff representatives. 


  Name  Title   Term of Service 
1. Ken Baerenklau Associate Provost (Chair)  Ex Officio


Bracken Dailey Registrar  Ex Officio 
3.  Alicia Arrizon Associate Dean, Student Academic Affairs, CHASS Ex Officio
4. Thomas Kramer Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, School of Business Ex Officio
5. Connie Nugent Divisional Dean, Student Affairs, CNAS Ex Officio
6. Marko Princevac  Associate Dean, Student Academic Affairs, BCOE Ex Officio
7. Bob Ream   Interim Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, GSOE  Ex Officio
8. Kurt Schwabe  Associate Dean, SPP  Ex Officio
9. Stephanie Dingwall Assistant Professor, Biochemistry (Faculty Senate Representative) 2020-2022
10. Ryan Lipinski Director, CHASS Majors Advising,(Staff Representative)  2020-2022
11. Mayela Giron Director of Enrollment and Curricular Services, CNAS Graduate Student Affairs Center 2021-2023
12. Goldberry Long Associate Professor, Creative Writing
(Faculty Senate Representative)